Why Choose Downtown Reporting?

request-a-quote-home-featured-imageThe short answer is that we provide you and your colleagues what you need, when you need it. When you work with our firm, you will find that our support staff, tools and client-focused attitude, when blended together, provide you with the professional service you seek. That is who we have been for decades, and that is who we are at our core. We pride ourselves on the philosophy that “One call can handle it all”, and with the services we offer, including those below, you need only call us for all of your legal services needs.
Here are some of the tools we offer as part of our top-notch client-focused service:

Court Reporting Services. Downtown has a stable of highly credentialed and experienced court reporters who are available 24/7 to provide court reporting services at any of your depositions, hearings, trials, meetings, arbitrations, or other proceedings.

Realtime / LiveNote™ Reporting. This powerful software tool enables those attorneys attending the session to be interactive in real time with the transcript being written by the reporter’s writer. Using this software, while viewing the transcript in real time, the attorneys in attendance can add notations and make highlights in the transcript. As soon as the session is completed, a copy of the transcript, including the notations and highlights, is immediately accessible.

SKYPE Services (Video). By using this tool, a remote location can stream video to any internet-capable and connected device. Not only does this allow all remotely located but necessary personnel involved keep up-to-date in real time, it reduces or eliminates travel time, expense, and inconvenience. Using SKYPE eliminates the need to be in the same room as the reporter.

Same Day Rough Drafts. A rough draft differs from a real-time feed (such as LiveNote) in that virtually all of the steno markings will have been eliminated, and the text will have been made easier to read. Steno markings that have not been removed and any other errors will be corrected in the final certified transcript.

Videography. Downtown partners with cutting edge videography experts to provide you with the latest videography technology for any of your legal proceedings.

Video / Transcript Synchronization. Jurors often retain information better when the evidence is presented electronically. Synchronization means that as the video is playing, the transcript keeps pace as it scrolls along with it. In addition, there are many editing capabilities built into it: annotations, highlighting and much more.

Interpreters/Translators. Downtown has access to the finest interpreters and translators nationwide for any legal proceeding where multiple languages are spoken.

Worldwide Coverage. Complex litigation is continually happening all around the world, and our services are available to handle those which are selected. This approach can make national and international litigation seem local.

Worldwide Conference Rooms. Our worldwide service comes with numerous conference rooms located in most major areas at no additional cost to you.

Around-the-clock Coverage. Do you need our client-focused service right now, no matter the time of day or night? We are available to provide your court-related service needs 24/7. Just let us know.

Many Delivery Options. Litigation has its own pace, so we can provide delivery options that fit for your needs best. We will normally schedule a standard delivery for you. If you need it sooner, we will provide next-day or even same-evening deliveries. All deliveries are quoted in business days, excluding holidays and weekends.

Electronic Delivery. Can’t wait for you hard copy to arrive? We will arrange for an e-mail delivery of your file. Once it is finalized, it will be on its way to you electronically.